Quantifying Cuteness

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Project Overview









In March of 2018, I was approached by Allison+Partners NY office to collaborate on an April Fools campaign that centered around fictitious data they had developed.  the goal was to create a social campaign and landing page based off of an infographic and additional design assets.

The Idea

Everyone understands that harnessing influence is table stakes in today’s communication landscape. We’ve seen that power of purchasing decision and influence be handed down from the housewife, to the Millennial, to Gen Z. But what is the next evolution? Allison+Partners has developed a brand new proprietary report on the next evolution of influential verticals: babies/2-year-olds, puppies and unborn children. In this report, you will find an in-depth analysis of their media consumption, what social issues they are passionate about, and what they are looking for from brands. To gain the most accurate results, we leveraged our influence impact score and surveyed 10,000 canines, 20,000 infants and 5,000 soon-to-be-born consumers, developing advanced technology to translate their barks and googoogagas into quantifiable data.

“Yes, there were some that said the responses of the test groups were statically invalid, since they are unable to speak or functionally articulate emotions beyond being hungry or needing to poop,” explained Katie Malark, who headsAllison+Partners research division. “But I mean have you ever looked into the eyes of a pug puppy? I mean really looked? You can tell what they’re thinking.” “I have twins,” added Measurement Head Brent Diggins. “Trust me, they know what they’re doing. They are sly geniuses. We stand by our findings.”

Creative Request

An infographic outlining the influencer “personas” we examined, including key facts/figures/findings, like their key decision drivers (for puppies, it would be desire for bacon, wanting to eat your shoe, avoiding being neutered, etc.) and their spirit animals (e.g., for the puppies, the spirit animal could be a cat). The idea is for the findings to be funny or comically obvious.


A ‘behind the scenes’ photo of a focus group from our research – aka, a bunch of babies, a bunch of puppies and a pregnant woman with all kinds of gadgets/probes hooked up to her belly.


A way for our content to live prominently on the A+P homepage from midnight to 11:59 pm on April 1.


Preliminary Ideas/Mocks

Client Feedback

V2 & V3


After 4-5 iterations and updates, the final version met all the original requirements and some that came up throughout the process.  The infographic was split into several parts and used on the AP site as well as across their social media channels and via email.  A+P also produced a video using the developed style and content to help promote the campaign.