The Blotshop Collective

UI    •    Branding    •    Development

Project Overview


The Blotshop Collective






Art Direction/UI Design/UX

The BlotShop Collective is a creative hub for independent artists.

Through the BS Art Shows, emerging artists are allowed to showcase their work, network and build a foundation for collaboration. Whether it’s paint on canvas, needle through fabric, or pen with words, an artist communicates expression through his/her own preferred medium. BSC is that platform where an independent artist can house his/her creative work and share it with the rest of the world.

Process and My Role

Originally, The Blotshop Collective was simply “Blotshop”.  through a series of meetings, goal assessments and future planning, the rebrand of “The Blotshop Collective” or BSC occurred.  I oversaw the redesign of the logo, build the brand identity and assisted in creating the companies goals and mission statement.

I laid out the entire site and user flow.   This included  all functionality and motion elements.  I continued to oversee maintenance on the site and build out new features, which included newsletter modules and event media.